FanDuel and DraftKings Utilize FSTA-Generated Email List To Promote Own Agenda

FanDuel and DraftKings Utilize FSTA-Generated Email List To Promote Own Agenda

Here is an example of FanDuel co-opting the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA)'s Fantasy Sports For All list in order to push their own agenda to get New York players to support this proposed law.  The Fantasy Sports For All email list was marketed by all FSTA member companies in order to unite fantasy players.

DraftKings used the Fantasy Sports For All list a few days later to do the exact same thing. Multiple small operators voiced their opposition and requested a retraction.

Was their a retraction or even a response to that request from the FSTA?

No, there was not.

Did small operators subsequently get the opportunity to use the Fantasy For All list and say not to support the proposed New York law in its current form?

Of course not.

Here was the body of the email from FanDuel, which still remains on the petition portion of the Fantasy Sports For all Page as linked above.

"As a proud New Yorker and one of the 3 million fantasy sports fans in our state, I urge you to protect our right to play the games we love.

I understand that a bill to keep fantasy sports legal in New York has been introduced as part of the Senate’s budget. Now we're asking for your support to make sure it passes.

Fantasy sports foster healthy, fair competition. They give us a way to enjoy our favorite sports, and they connect with our friends, coworkers, and loved ones. If you agree that these are values worth protecting, then please make sure that provisions to keep fantasy sports legal are included in the final state budget so that the millions of sports fans who want nothing more than to continue enjoying our favorite pastime can continue to do so."

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