The SBFSTA’s Mission:

The SBFSA’s mission is to protect the collective existence of small businesses within the fantasy sports industry, to provide its members with the tools to remain lawful and profitable, to offer the ability to freely exchange ideas with other small businesses and operate as the industry’s leader in ensuring that the more than 50 million players worldwide always have options when it comes to playing fantasy sports.

The SBFSTA’s Contention:

The current industry lobbying efforts to regulate and legalize daily fantasy sports focus primarily on FanDuel and DraftKings. Those two DFS giants finance the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) and all of the millions of dollars involved in fantasy sports lobbying, thus creating an inherent conflict of interest. While the FSTA has claimed they put forth model bills that could have worked for all game operators, those efforts have failed in both Indiana and Virginia. Further, top legislators in both Indiana and Virginia stated to our representatives that none of the lobbyists there ever mentioned a conflict with the bills as proposed and subsequently passed into law. As recently as March 24th, a top legislative director in another key state relayed to us that the Virginia bill was the model bill the trade industry lobbyists wanted to see passed in his state. As one can easily see, bills are not being passed to protect small business. The current industry lobbying effort is not fighting for the rights of the entire industry. A trade organization dedicated solely to the vital small businesses, upon which this entire industry was founded, has been created.

The SBFSTA in Action:

1. We have united dozens of fantasy sports small businesses to form the SBFSTA, a non-profit trade organization.

2. We are raising funds through member companies and fantasy players themselves to form our strong lobbying efforts. Lobbying is expensive and time-consuming, please join us and donate today to protect your rights to play fantasy sports with the game operator of your choosing.

3. We go state-by-state to meet with legislators and offer workable solutions for intelligent regulation within the fantasy sports industry. We explain how this industry is comprised of many small companies, with jobs and livelihoods at stake. We show legislators that we have customers within their state that want to continue playing with us. Our legislative positions show a way for all fantasy sports operators to be regulated, earn more dollars for the states and thrive in the long run.  

4. We engage the national and local media across the United States to bring our voice to the cause of saving small businesses and offering consumers choices in their fantasy play.

5. We continue to work to legalize fantasy sports in all states with sensible and logical legislation that makes sense for all parties, not just the billion dollar giants in the space. 

The SBFTA Objective:

Nothing short of workable legislation for small business in every state is acceptable to the SBFSTA. Our organization will meet legislators and tell our story to the media in every state possible. We will return in 2017 to states that have already passed poor legislation. The SBFSTA will only endorse laws that work for everyone in the fantasy space.

Our players just want to play fantasy sports and have fun. Our mission is to ensure they can do that.