"Game over" for small sports fantasy businesses?

"Game over" for small sports fantasy businesses?

The following video report and interview with SBFSTA president Dave Gerczak can be found in its original form at this link from WCIA-TV Channel 3 News-Champaign, IL:

WCIA-TV Channel 3 News: April 13, 2016

ILLINOIS -- Small fantasy sports businesses say big licensing fees could mean "game over" for them. The Small Businesses of Fantasy Sports Trade Association plans to work with legislators to ensure the playing field stays level.

They say the larger fantasy sports companies have had success passing legislation which would shut down the little guys and they don't want that to happen in Illinois.

Small business owners say licensing fees could end up being too costly and cause people to lose their jobs.

They say there are more than 70 small game operators and 150 small vendors who provide fantasy sports platforms in Illinois.

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