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  • commented on Indiana Lobbying Effort Never Fought For Small Business 2016-03-30 12:42:52 -0400
    We hope that they go back and fix it in 2017. That’s why the SBFSTA is so crucial. Small fantasy sports businesses cannot afford to lose states and then hope they get them back because they may never get them back.
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    Just made a donation to The Small Businesses of Fantasy Sports | A Trade Organization

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    Show your support for The Small Businesses of Fantasy Sports by becoming a player member.

    Player level membership requests a one time donation of $25 or greater.

    All funds contributed to the Small Businesses of Fantasy Sports will be used to preserve your right to play season-long and daily fantasy sports with the companies of your choosing. Do not let fantasy football become a duopoly. Help us support reasonable legislation and regulation that doesn't harm small business.  

    NOTE: The Small Businesses of Fantasy Sports (SBFSTA) takes privacy seriously and will never share your personal information.